GET EXCITED for my take on a container home!

I'm very excited to start to play in the world of container homes.  I have partnered with a company and we are coming up with a few lines of finishes but the BEST PART is that I have designed one that is making it's way to home shows around the US this spring.  

I bet you're guessing, "what would jen do?"  Well, as we all know, a shade of green is the Pantone color of the year.  So I wanted to people to imagine, what is next when you take the shiplap + subway craze and start to play with it.  Still keeping textural moments but challenging all of you to EMBRACE COLOR AGAIN......  no joke.....white can still be your base color.  But lets add a splash of color.  So check back in to see how I do just that!



Sleep.....friend or foe?  

I'm so lucky to be in a <DESiGN CONTEST> involving Angie's List, the Huffington Post + Arianna Huffington's book "The sleep Revolution".  

Let's start off with the basics...WHY should my room matter to you + why should you care:

  • I totally read the book + loved it + really tried to follow the criteria for the bedroom!  It's written in a casual style that makes it all make sense!  And then you realize you are doing everything all wrong in your bedroom design. 
  • We helped a Ronald McDonald House family whose two year old daughter has had two open heart surgeries + a third in the fall.  This was a way for my family to give another family with medical adventures a hug to the soul.
  • If I win, someone who votes for me, gets a $15K make-over.....I would totally bust out a make-over in YOUR DREAM STYLE and pinky promise not to mess up your home.....and we would laugh a lot.....and you would wonder how much caffeine I drink.  (2 shots of espresso a day for those of you wondering)
  • My husband would tell you sleeping is my favorite hobby.


TO VOTE plz visit: