Sleep.....friend or foe?  

I'm so lucky to be in a <DESiGN CONTEST> involving Angie's List, the Huffington Post + Arianna Huffington's book "The sleep Revolution".  

Let's start off with the basics...WHY should my room matter to you + why should you care:

  • I totally read the book + loved it + really tried to follow the criteria for the bedroom!  It's written in a casual style that makes it all make sense!  And then you realize you are doing everything all wrong in your bedroom design. 
  • We helped a Ronald McDonald House family whose two year old daughter has had two open heart surgeries + a third in the fall.  This was a way for my family to give another family with medical adventures a hug to the soul.
  • If I win, someone who votes for me, gets a $15K make-over.....I would totally bust out a make-over in YOUR DREAM STYLE and pinky promise not to mess up your home.....and we would laugh a lot.....and you would wonder how much caffeine I drink.  (2 shots of espresso a day for those of you wondering)
  • My husband would tell you sleeping is my favorite hobby.


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