There are some commonly asked questions that perhaps I can answer for you!  Don't be shy to ask anything as well! 

Design Questions




COST? - For private residential jobs, please email for the rate.  For commercial jobs, it is based on a square footage rate that is determined by the job and skills needed.  I do a pay as you go except on large jobs, I have a square and accept most major credit cards and I do not do net 30.  After you get past the un-fun part of cost, then it's fun, I promise!

WHERE? - I have flown to do design jobs around the US but am conveniently located in the central oasis of Kansas City.  Cooler than it sounds!!  No joke, so much so, that the Huffington Post wrote about it!

SiZE of JOB? - I am open to take on jobs of any size (big or small).  Don't feel bad if you only have a small task you need help with!  Every job is important!

SPACES? - Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, kids rooms, basements, wine rooms, lake houses....I could go on & on but you get the idea right?  :)

COMMERCiAL JOBS? - I love commercial jobs!!  It's great fun because I have a chance to make an aesthetic impact that can really help your business!  We live in an image based society where the first impression can make or break you on a commercial job.  That's where I come in!

TRAVEL? - Yes, I will travel for the design job.  I have had out of town clients that group friends & neighbors together where we do a few consultations in a day to make it worthwhile for everyone!  Or large jobs for individual clients residential and commercial.

What do I need to have ready when you visit?- Residential Clients:  I will email you a list but have ready any images of what makes you happy!  Whether its Pinterest pages of dream rooms or torn out magazines.  You don't have to know why you like them!  Or if that sounds annoying, do nothing until I arrive and that's fabulous as well.  I will ask you the appropriate questions to make it painless and fun!  PS I bring paint decks from the major paint companies with me!





COST? - This varies as to the event and what is needed.  Please email and we will get you an estimate.

TRAVEL? - Yes, I do!  I have spoken in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, Washington DC and on and on!


Testimonials - Please see speaking gigs page for a testimonial and I can send you an additional page of happy clients and testimonials as well.  




Do you sell your work? - Yes!  I will be posting orginals for sale through my web page and prints of certain pieces can be made custom order to any size for the design trade through as well.

What do you paint with? - I paint mixed media and it's like cooking for me that it can involve all but the kitchen sink!

Art shows? - I have pop-up art shows occasionally to keep people on their toes!  

Custom Artwork? - Yes, I am open to creating custom pieces for you!  


Cost - Prices vary on all pieces.  When a piece is for sale it will have a price listed.  All images currently on this website have sold and are in private collections.